Pour yourself a warm cup of tea and join me on a journey toward simplicity in your home and family. In our world of too much, too soon, too fast, simplicity often seems out of reach. Using the principles of Simplicity Parenting, you are given a roadmap toward the family life you have always wanted. 

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We have a thriving online community of people who are striving toward more simplicity and ease in their lives. Join us!

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We offer several courses & programs for laying a foundation of simplicity in your family's life.

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Toy Simplification Formula

Did you know fewer toys leads to more deep play and less sibling rivalry? The workbook helps you reduce and declutter toys as well as gives you ideas for storage solutions.

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Group Coaching Program

Join our Spring Group Coaching program and learn with a group of parents and a coach as you move through our signature course. Enrolling now!

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