Foundations in Simplicity Parenting

Our Signature Program

Create the family life you've always hoped for

In our world of too much, too soon, too fast, we can feel like we are paddling upstream against the current of our culture. Using the principles of Simplicity Parenting, you will carve out more joy and ease in your family life; bringing you one step closer to the family life you've always envisioned.


Simplicity Roadmap

Simplicity Parenting gives you a roadmap to move from overwhelm and anxiety to simplicity and ease. Each module takes you through one step at a time.

1) Define your family's unique values 
We start with our hopes, dreams, and values for our family. Once you know your destination, you can create changes to get there.

2) Better see/know your children
You will learn why simplifying is important and how you can tell when your child needs more simplicity.

3) Simplify your environment
You will be walked through how to simplify toys and reduce clutter in your child's room and your home.

4) Simplify your rhythm
Your rhythm is how your day and week flows. You will create more consistent rhythms that you and your child will come to expect. These include morning rhythms, bedtime, meals, etc.

5) Simplify your schedule
Children need downtime to balance the activity in their days/weeks. You will simplify your schedules to carve out more time together.

6) Simplify the adult world
You will create a plan for reducing screen time and media exposure as well as discuss how adult conversations and issues affect children.

7) Gain Tools for Calm
You will learn tools such as meditations and visualizations to help you respond rather than react to your child.

8) Sustainable Change
You will end the course with the necessary ingredients, tools, and knowledge to continue making simplifying changes at home.

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Signature Program + Group Coaching

Learn with the support of a trained coach and a community of dedicated and supportive parents. Create lasting, meaningful change for your family.

This is our most popular program, combining our signature course with group coaching.
**Group sizes are limited to 10 families and spots fill up fast.

Group Coaching includes our Signature Program PLUS:

- 15 weeks of learning and action to create sustaining, meaningful change in your family life.

- The support, encouragement, and accountability of learning with a community of committed parents. Parents who work through the material with other parents are more likely to stick to the program, do the work, and see the transformations in their family life.

- Weekly group coaching calls with a unique combination of lecture and 1:1 coaching.  Each participant is given part of one coaching call to receive 1:1 coaching and group support.

- Access to recorded coaching calls for download.

- Weekly email encouragement. Weekly emails with support and encouragement regarding the current module.

- Direct support, leadership, and encouragement from an experienced and trained coach.

Our Signature Program includes:
- An 8-module online course that walks you through the simplicity parenting change process layer by layer, giving you time to create changes in all four "pillars" of simplicity: environment, rhythm, schedules, and the adult world.

- 8-10 lessons in each module-- filled with videos, audios, workbooks, and other downloadable resources.

- A Parent Handbook filled with exercises and worksheets to keep you focused.

- Support to create specific changes in each of the pillars during the course of the program. You will have the opportunity to receive feedback from the coach and participants on each change you make.

- Membership in a closed Facebook group to connect with, support, and encourage other participants.


- Lifetime access to the course and materials, including any upgrades and additions made.

- Lifetime access to the closed Facebook group for ongoing support.

- Discounts on other programs, courses, and curriculum.

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Bring your family life more into alignment with your values & hopes


  • Imagine making time for fun, connection, relaxing.
  • Imagine your child’s room uncluttered, peaceful.
  • Imagine your family’s days acquiring a sense of order, rhythm and flow.
  • Imagine your child having unscheduled time every day to daydream and play.
  • Imagine what is said at home becoming more kind, true and necessary.
  • Imagine using “unplugged” time for the family to be together.
  • Imagine learning tools, like meditations and visualizations, that enable you to respond rather than react to your child(ren).

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