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Create the family life you've always hoped for

In our world of too much, too soon, too fast, we often feel like we are paddling upstream and simplicity seems out of reach. Using the principles of Simplicity Parenting, you are given a roadmap toward the family life you always wanted.

Signature Program + Group Coaching

Learn with the support of a trained coach and a community of dedicated and supportive parents. Create lasting, meaningful change for your family.

What: Signature Program PLUS group coaching
When: February 25-June 2
Access to the first course materials opens Feb 10.
*Enrollment is now closed. Sign up for the wait list for our next group coaching program*

This 14-week program will give you the tools you'll need to create positive, sustaining changes in your family.

The program includes:

- Access to the 8-module online course including videos, audios, workbooks, and downloadable resources. 
- A Parent Handbook PDF with exercises and worksheets to keep you focused and moving toward positive change.
- The opportunity to create at least four specific changes to implement at home during the course of the program. You will have the option of receiving feedback from co-participants and me.
- A closed Facebook group to connect with, support, and encourage other participants.
- Weekly live group coaching calls for support with each module and your changes at home. (Calls are recorded and uploaded to the online classroom if you can't attend).
- Leadership and support from me, an experienced and trained coach.

- Lifetime access to the course and any additions made.
- Lifetime access to all future recorded coaching calls (uploaded in the classroom weekly)
- Lifetime participation in a closed Facebook group for those who have gone through our program. This group gives you access to more live videos and supportive material with a group of parents who are deeply committed to this work. 

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How will this program help my family?


  • Imagine making time for fun, connection, relaxing...
  • Imagine your child’s room uncluttered, peaceful...
  • Imagine your family’s days acquiring a sense of order, rhythm and flow...
  • Imagine your child having unscheduled time every day to daydream and play...
  • Imagine what is said at home becoming more kind, true and necessary...
  • Imagine using “unplugged” time for the family to be together....

Special BETA Pricing!

We are offering Beta pricing on our signature program. The price will increase to $497 after this course.

One payment of $247

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Why Simplify?

Too much of the adult world is being opened up to our children. Many of us live in cluttered homes with chaotic schedules and no regular downtime together. Our children are increasingly anxious and overwhelmed. We know we want life to be different but we aren't sure how to begin or create lasting change.

We begin our journey of simplification by naming our values and working to align our everyday life with our hopes and dreams for our family.

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Simple Spaces

We start our simplicity journey with our physical environment: our child's room and home. Too many toys creates anxiety and overwhelm and increases sibling rivalry. When we reduce our child's toys, they spend more time in creative free play and tidy up with less conflict.

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Simple Rhythms

Children are more at ease when their days and weeks follow a consistent and predictable rhythm. We will work together to add rhythm to your family life, focusing on meal times & planning, bed times, and the importance of free play and shared downtime. Your rhythm will be unique to your individual family and created with the well-being of all family members in mind.

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Simple Schedules

Creating a life of more ease means reducing or limiting the number of activities outside the home and being mindful of the importance of downtime. We work to give our children calm days to balance the active, busy ones. 

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Filtering out the Adult World

Our children are privy to too much of our adult lives at too young of an age. An important piece in simplifying is taking stock of what we discuss in front of our children as well as how much time they spend interacting with screens.

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