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Toy Simplification Formula

Do you feel overwhelmed by the number of toys in your life? Do you wish your child(ren) had fewer toys but you aren't sure where to start? Our five step toy simplification formula will show you why it's important to simplify your child's toys and how to do it.

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Increase connection & ease

Fewer toys fosters more connection and leads to more well-being and ease in every day life.

Reduce overwhelm & anxiety

Parents and children experience less overwhelm and more cooperation when their home space is clutter free and easy to clean.

Create peaceful play spaces

Our children are more likely to enter into creative play when their spaces are simple and tidy. They also play with more cooperation and less sibling rivalry.

What are people saying?

Fewer toys has made a positive impact!

I continue to be grateful for the results I see in families who simplify with me. They are often surprised at how simplifying their child's toys and play space makes an immediate difference in their child's overwhelm and level of cooperation. 
Here are some things I have heard:

"We were nervous she would be upset we had decluttered and discarded many of her toys. Her reaction was the opposite! She was so pleased with how clean and tidy her room was."

"I am amazed at how much longer they play together with fewer toys. And the sibling rivalry is noticeably less. Not to mention how easy it is to keep their room clean!"

"I didn't realize how much anxiety we had as a family around clean up time until it became so much easier!"

Toy Simplification Formula

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